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1×2 Betting in Kenya – the basics

1×2 Betting in Kenya is probably the most popular way of betting – and is a good way to bet on a game in most sports. Also called three-way betting, this is a betting type where you bet on either a home team win (1), a draw (x) or a an away team win (2). Here, we explain what 1×2 Betting is and how to calculate your possible betting profit.

How do I win with 1×2 Betting?

When placing a 1×2 bet, you will place a bet on one of the teams, or players either winning or losing. So if you place a 1000 KSH bet on the home team wining (you are betting on “1”) you will win the odds that the bookmaker provides on the game. 

In a 1×2 bet, there are three outcomes of the game – home win, draw, or away win. You will win if you guess the right outcome. 

How much do I win?

This will depend on the odds the bookmaker is giving for the game. To calculate your payout, use this formula:

Odds x Stake = Payout

If you bet 1000 Ksh on a game (for example that home team Real Madrid beats Barcelona) where the bookmaker has odds of 2.5 for the option “1” your winnings will be:

2.5 x 1000 = 2500 Ksh

Compare odds and margins

Now that you know how to calculate possible winnings in a 1×2 Betting game, you know what you are betting for. Remember that different bookmakers and exchanges offer different odds, so do your best to compare the bookies (which is short for bookmakers).

Other popular betting types

In football, it is rather popular to bet on multiple 1×2 bets – so that all the games you bet on will count together for higher odds. This means that you have to get all the games right in order to win. You can also place 1×2 bets on half time results. Click here for a more complete overview of football betting types at popular bookmakers like Odibet and Sportybet.

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